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We can also supply schoolwear and corporate garments from other manufacturers at very good prices. Embroidered as part of a schoolwear uniform or business promotion with your custom logo or business identity.Using embroidery on all types of garments from vest tops through to sweatshirts cardigans and formal shirts even overalls fleeces and outer garments can be embroidered to achieve a corporate or workwear team image for your company or school..


Schoolwear is another popular use of an embroidered garment and we supply schools direct with embroidered poloshirts cardigans and sweatshirts at trade prices for use as part of their uniform requirement. If you are responsible for sourcing a schoolwear uniform please give us a call to arrange a sample sweatshirt or cardigan embroidered with your schoolwear logo or if you are a parent and think our garments would be more suited to your schoolwear requirement then please tell your school uniform co-ordinator about us to arrange an embroidered sample for wash wear testing with no obligation.

Due to the many possibilities the embroidery of a garment can provide it is difficult to give an exact price. However,as a rough guide the average retail price for a large embroidered garment including a 5000 stitch embroidery logo on various leisurewear styles are as follows.

Based on an order value of £100 and an existing embroidery design. In many cases though simple embroidery designs can be digitized at little or no cost and embroidered in house before manufacture.Trade discounts may apply for quantity or regular repeat orders, if in doubt,ring for a quote and tell us what you are paying we will do our best to beat it like for like.

Embroidered Design Quotation

We prefer artwork in the following formats *.jpg *.bmp and an indication of the finished size and colouring of the embroidered logo is also required for quotation of your embroidered design.Or if you already have an embroidered design that you would like us apply for you on our garments please advise of the stitch count and composition for a competitive quote.

Hoping we can assist you in the future with any of your Embroidery or Garment requirements please do not hesitate to contact us for a full QUOTATION.


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